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[{"title:":"Hot & Burning Flame Tattoos","description:":"Flame tattoos run the gamut in terms of design. Tribal flames are rather popular; some flame tattoos are brightly colored in more realistic styles, while others keep it cool and simple with black, white, and greyscale flames. Most often, flame tattoos are ..."},{"title:":"The Hidden Meanings of Tribal Tattoos","description:":"History of Tribal Tattoos Tribal tattoos all originate from tattoos of early cultures. The earliest tattoo designs are likely to have been sun or flames in honor of the sun gods. In the beginning, tattoos were for spiritual and physical purposes."},{"title:":"Tribal Tattoo designs: Meaning and Importance","description:":"Tribal Tattoo designs: Meaning and Importance Tattooing may be a skill ... Occasionally, these tattoos are enhanced with a tribal flame to put up a popular effect. Such tattoos, specially when coupled with an impression of dragon may turn into a pinnacle ..."},{"title:":"Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs","description:":"Let us take a look at some of the tribal phoenix tattoo designs. Fire is very closely associated ... A very graphic image of the phoenix rising from the flames is a great design to have on your body. It looks especially great on the upper arm and on ..."}]