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[{"title:":"Get inked with water colour tattoos","description:":"Inspiration Inspiration for the tattoos can stem from abstract paintings and symbols. Sharp images stand out more when blended with a bright colour palette. People associate these designs with free spirit and freedom. Tribal design has always been a huge hit."},{"title:":"10 Artists Creating Powerful Tattoos Using Only Lines","description:":"Ganji first designs the entire image without looking and then ... Self-taught artist Mast Cora describes his tattoos as “pretty abstract, geometric, and free. I like the idea that distinguishes my work by a twist of a little ‘crazy’.”"},{"title:":"24 Mindblowing Tattoo Designs For Girls","description:":"... are more artistic and convey abstract ideas that might not have any relation with the outside world. They have a style and meaning of their own, and show the imaginative side of the individual. These tattoo designs can be used to express the ..."},{"title:":"Contemporary Abstract Tattoos","description:":"Sławomir Nitschke's abstract tattoo designs have a contemporary twist to them, incorporating vibrant, conceptual and cartoon-like illustrations. Even though the subject matter of each tattoo is different, they each eloquently express Nitschke's distinct ..."}]