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[{"title:":"Clean and Stylish Blackwork Tattoos by Sandra Cunha","description:":"Drawing on abstract and ... on the blackwork style and offer some amazing inspiration. Sitting on the more decorative/ornate side of blackwork, Cunha's tattoos use clean lines and sharp details to give the design depth and character that you don't always ..."},{"title:":"40 Amazing Anime Drawings And Manga Faces","description:":"If you are not familiar with manga and anime, then a good way to explore this is by looking at cool anime tattoo designs and know the what ... also about how to feel about the examples of amazing anime drawings and manga faces that we have given here."},{"title:":"Unbelievably Amazing Tattoo Design Ideas for Dog Lovers","description:":"Until then, in your heart, they shall remain. Cute Line Drawing Tattoos Looking for some cutesy playful way to profess your love for your dog to the world? How about these line drawing tattoo ideas - either stick to all-black, a tinge of color, or go all ..."},{"title:":"Amazing Tattoo Artist Doesn't Use Designs - He Inks Freehand, Making It Up On The Spot","description:":"Usually the process of getting a tattoo involves chatting to your tattoo artist about the design, they go away and spend a couple of hours drawing it, and then when the time comes, it is stencilled on your skin ready for the buzzing of needles. But one man ..."}]