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[{"title:":"Movies I love: In Black and White!","description:":"Movies I love: In Black and White! To many the best Surround Equipment is their goal. To me, the components are a means to an end. I love movies. At first movies were just a visual medium, then we got “talkies” and now, a century later both the sound ..."},{"title:":"Dobama Theatre's 'The Mystery of Love & Sex' is missing a map to its many twists and turns","description:":"Her loving, ultra-liberal folks don't object to Jonny because he's black (although Howard isn't a fan of the Baptist ... a sin as mortal as Jonny's practice of not eating the white part of a hard-boiled egg. And in actuality, race is not a central theme ..."},{"title:":"Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Look So in Love at the Sully Premiere","description:":"The 59-year-old actress accessorized with white drop earrings, a shiny black clutch, and a diamond bangle, pulling her hair back into a sleek updo. The longtime couple shared a private joke on the carpet, looking just as in love as when they tied the knot ..."},{"title:":"The little black dress of white wine","description:":"In my experience, white wine drinkers either love Chardonnay or they hate it. On occasion, wine drinkers are not aware that the wine in their glass is made using the Chardonnay grape. Chardonnay has been around for centuries, being used in Chablis and ..."}]