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[{"title:":"WATCH: Cass McCombs Releases New Video For “Opposite House” Featuring Angel Olsen","description:":"The new track features the backing vocals from Angel Olsen, who also appears in the video, but not as the star. Directed by Jonny Look, the video opens up to a very 80’s themed set, the screen is black and white, the characters are wearing fashion from ..."},{"title:":"Donald Trump presents “angel moms” to demonize undocumented immigrants","description:":"After pretty much never acknowledging black lives targeted and killed by police, Trump presented his “angel moms” as if to identify native ... of undocumented immigrants allegedly going after white, native-born Americans who should not be understood ..."},{"title:":"Angel Olsen Unfurls On The Smoldering My Woman","description:":"I’m not talking about evil at all; rather, a disregard for the banality of a black and white morality. That kind of angel is the the only being I envision when listening to My Woman, or anything else in Angel Olsen’s smoldering discography. Produced ..."},{"title:":"Black Lives Matter, but only if they're American","description:":"Every black person lives in constant menace of it -- on both a personal and societal level. According to popular culture, to paraphrase Muhammad Ali, Jesus is white, angels are white and Snow White is white. Outside of popular culture all synonyms for ..."}]