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[{"title:":"Funeral director by day and outlaw guitarist by night","description:":"Fans sport myriad tattoos ... helped design sets and props and do makeup on himself and others. He also still remains close with the owners of the Nightmare Mansion. Two years ago, during a Neptune Festival parade, Moore dressed like an evil clown ..."},{"title:":"How do you find drawings of an evil skull?","description:":"Alternatively, view and learn to draw different kinds of skulls on to come up with do-it-yourself evil skull art. has a listing of different sites dedicated to skull artwork, drawings, tattoos ... of his designs are in his ..."},{"title:":"24 Mindblowing Tattoo Designs For Girls","description:":"Clown tattoo designs are broadly categorized into two types – the funny and playful clown, and the scary and evil clown. The ideal tattoo design ... They can be combined with a skull, a flower, or rings to make them look more beautiful and attractive."},{"title:":"scary clown, page 39","description:":"image: ... 2525252525252520Designs.jpg referring webpage: ..."}]