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[{"title:":"Tat's smart! DuoSkin tattoos function as a trackpad","description:":"Production is simple, say the MIT engineers. Using graphic design software, sketch the circuitry. Next, create stencils of that circuitry by layering vinyl film on thin temporary tattoo paper. Cut it with an electronic cutter, and then top it with ..."},{"title:":"This is What Happens When You Let a Vending Machine Decide Your Tattoos","description:":"It's probably most famous for its "Get What You Get" tattoo vending machine—essentially a more affordably priced tattoo, the design of which is determined ... Yeah, it was just written on a piece of paper or something. I never really heard the details ..."},{"title:":"10 Artists Creating Powerful Tattoos Using Only Lines","description:":"Ganji first designs the entire image without looking and then refines it based in what he sees. “I think they [tattoos] look ten times better on skin than on paper, because the body is alive, and the moment you have it under your skin, it comes alive."},{"title:":"GET A TATTOO BY KIM GORDON OR GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE AT THE NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR! (i-D)","description:":"a “flash” is a piece of paper with illustrations of available tattoos — most commonly by a single artist, or pertaining to some kind of theme.) Designs from each flash will be inked by Fernando Lions and Gillian Goldstein from Brooklyn favorite ..."}]