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[{"title:":"141 Awesome Feminine Tattoos For Girls Which Will Blow Your Mind","description:":"Abstract tattoos have different representational style and different from representation from people, animal and things around us. This is one of the popular forms of the tattoo. These designs frequently use Buddha, Ganesh, OM, Dragons, Samurai ..."},{"title:":"Awesome Abstract Tattoo Designs","description:":"Truly, abstract tattoos often blur the line and modify tattooing from basic permanent markings on the body to a developed art style. Tattooing as an art type began to materialize in the late 20th century and had become known all throughout the early 21st ..."},{"title:":"Contemporary Abstract Tattoos","description:":"SÅ‚awomir Nitschke's abstract tattoo designs have a contemporary twist to them, incorporating vibrant, conceptual and cartoon-like illustrations. Even though the subject matter of each tattoo is different, they each eloquently express Nitschke's distinct ..."},{"title:":"24 Mindblowing Tattoo Designs For Girls","description:":"... are more artistic and convey abstract ideas that might not have any relation with the outside world. They have a style and meaning of their own, and show the imaginative side of the individual. These tattoo designs can be used to express the ..."}]