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[{"title:":"Horror in Black and White: Spider Baby (1968)","description:":"I love black and white the best. There’s more artistry in shooting black and white than color. Anybody could shoot color.” This artistry is definitely present in Spider Baby. It may have been a low-budget horror film, but the photography looks ..."},{"title:":"Toronto Film Festival: Just Don’t Call Them ‘Black Films’","description:":"At a time of particular togetherness — everyone in the film, black and white, is galvanized behind putting a man ... Even so, the Oscar-winning producer Donna Gigliotti (“Shakespeare in Love”), who optioned Ms. Shetterly’s book, emphasized that ..."},{"title:":"Seth Meyers Mocks Donald Trump’s Visit to a Black Church – WATCH","description:":"Despite Trump’s “well documented history of stoking racial resentment and attracting the support of white nationalists,” Trump apparently ... He added, “Also, I love how anytime Trump engages in even the slightest physical activity, he has to ..."},{"title:":"Dobama Theatre's 'The Mystery of Love & Sex' is missing a map to its many twists and turns","description:":"Her loving, ultra-liberal folks don't object to Jonny because he's black (although Howard isn't a fan of the Baptist ... a sin as mortal as Jonny's practice of not eating the white part of a hard-boiled egg. And in actuality, race is not a central theme ..."}]