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[{"title:":"12 Old School Skull and Dagger Tattoos","description:":"Together the two tattoos make quite the formidable tattoo, a dagger through a skull is hardly a welcoming image but something about it just makes it work as an awesome and badass old school piece of ink. As one tattoo the skull and dagger has been adopted ..."},{"title:":"Different Meanings Behind Skull and Bones Tattoos","description:":"One tattoo, the skull and crossbones, has been a popular design for over 50 years ... They were fearsome, fearless and lawless. Many old-school bikers adopted the skull and crossbones as their own symbol for the same reasons. They wanted to show the ..."},{"title:":"50 Cute Small Tattoos for Girls","description:":"These 50 cute small tattoos for girls will give you the inspiration ... This regal compass has an old school feel that is nothing short of breathtaking. 21. Quote – Finger Piece One particular tattoo design that took the female tattoo industry by storm ..."},{"title:":"Fresh Old-School Tattoos by Javier Rodriguez","description:":"Javier Rodriguez’s tattoos are a revival of traditional Americana designs with bluish-black outlines and bold color fills. Daggered hearts and skulls with roses are modernized with softer color gradients, more depth and line detail. If this style appeals ..."}]