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[{"title:":"40 Magical Moon Tattoo Designs","description:":"It should hardly come as a surprise to you that the moon has a special place in the world of tattoos, with all their emphasis on ... energy and in fact some cultures believe that the moon is male. There are different qualities attributed to the moon ..."},{"title:":"Senior citizen breaks record for most tattoos on the body","description:":"who was recently recognised by Guinness World Records as ther Most tattooed male senior citizen. The 75 year old also shares Charlotte’s love of fitness and writing as he is a retired defense trainer and current writer. Chuck got his first tattoo when ..."},{"title:":"Loved up couple become Guinness World Record holders for being the ‘Most tattooed senior citizens’","description:":"MEET Charles “Chuck” Helmke and Charlotte Guttenberg – the new Guinness World record holders for ‘Most tattooed senior citizen’ in the male and ... in colourful designs, but says that she is “not done” when it comes to her tattoo collection."},{"title:":"Masculine Tattoo Studio Designs","description:":"This example of tattoo studio design highlights the unique innovations currently taking place in the retail space in terms of designing self-care experiences for men, who have largely been left out. Designed by ARCHETYPE Design Studio, the tattoo parlor in ..."}]