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[{"title:":"With focus on Scorpene, ghost of another leak haunts MDL","description:":"Criminal investigations were launched and New Delhi blacklisted HDW. Several documents of the highly advanced designs of the non-nuclear submarines were leaked even as the 1,450-ton Shishumar-class SSKs remained parked in yard number 801 and 802 of the MDL."},{"title:":"Tattoo News Review","description:":"Here we go: On the criminal tattoo tip, there's this cool hack of a prison-made tattoo gun, in which a machine is fashioned out of a pen, a Walkman, paper clips ... moral rights if changes are made to their design by a second tattoo artist.""},{"title:":"10 Artists Creating Powerful Tattoos Using Only Lines","description:":"Ganji first designs the entire image without looking and then refines it based in what he sees. “I think they [tattoos] look ten times better on skin than on paper, because the body is alive, and the moment you have it under your skin, it comes alive."},{"title:":"This is What Happens When You Let a Vending Machine Decide Your Tattoos","description:":"It's probably most famous for its "Get What You Get" tattoo vending machine—essentially a more affordably priced tattoo, the design of which is determined ... Yeah, it was just written on a piece of paper or something. I never really heard the details ..."}]