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[{"title:":"Tattoo News Review","description:":"Here we go: On the criminal tattoo tip, there's this cool hack of a prison-made tattoo gun, in which a machine is fashioned out of a pen, a Walkman, paper clips ... moral rights if changes are made to their design by a second tattoo artist.""},{"title:":"Ruby Rose Gets a Giant Pantone Color Chart Tattoo on Her Back: See It Now!","description:":"If you thought David Beckham’s tattoo collection was extensive ... and it might just be one of her most detailed designs yet. “Guys, Home Depot is trying to save paper.. So now you can order me and I will stand facing your wall until you pick the ..."},{"title:":"With focus on Scorpene, ghost of another leak haunts MDL","description:":"Criminal investigations were launched and New Delhi blacklisted HDW. Several documents of the highly advanced designs of the non-nuclear submarines were leaked even as the 1,450-ton Shishumar-class SSKs remained parked in yard number 801 and 802 of the MDL."},{"title:":"What's Up With That Tattoo? Find Out At Hammond Museum","description:":"Flash is the artwork created by the tattoo artist and displayed on sheets of paper from which customer choose a design. Tattooing became popular during World War II. Some of the more popular tattoo artists such as Sailor Jerry, British tattoo artists Tom ..."}]