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[{"title:":"Free Flowing Abstract Tattoos by Kizun","description:":"Tattooing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, tattoo artist Kizun is at the top of the abstract tattoo game. Producing brightly colored and well constructed tattoos, Kizun is really pushing the boundaries of abstract body art and the results are excellent."},{"title:":"10 Artists Creating Powerful Tattoos Using Only Lines","description:":"Ganji first designs the entire image without looking and then ... Self-taught artist Mast Cora describes his tattoos as “pretty abstract, geometric, and free. I like the idea that distinguishes my work by a twist of a little ‘crazy’.”"},{"title:":"Get inked with water colour tattoos","description:":"Inspiration Inspiration for the tattoos can stem from abstract paintings and symbols. Sharp images stand out more when blended with a bright colour palette. People associate these designs with free spirit and freedom. Tribal design has always been a huge hit."},{"title:":"Create an Abstract Tattoo Design in Adobe Illustrator","description:":"Sketching helps to build up the composition and main lines rather than jumping in without any plan of your design. To finish the composition, I add scrolled, floral patterns. I’m also adding a bird to create an old-fashioned tattoo style. The bird also ..."}]