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[{"title:":"Get Your Chopsticks Ready For These Sushi Tattoos","description:":"You might not be a fan, but sushi is one of the most popular foods around the world and you can find a sushi place in almost every urban city nowadays ... Check out this list of 16 different sushi tattoo designs!"},{"title:":"Ruby Rose Gets a Pantone Back Tattoo","description:":"The model, actress, Urban Decay ambassadress ... and (of course) her tattoos. Ruby has some of the coolest ink we’ve seen in Hollywood, with designs that range from stylized script to filled-in sketches. But one thing she’s never had before this ..."},{"title:":"Cogs and Ink: 28 Cool Steampunk Tattoo Designs that Wow","description:":"The endless variety of clock designs and their classy appearance allow one to express their aesthetic without shocking the casual observer. As the foundation piece for the steampunk aesthetic, cogs and gears are present in nearly every steampunk tattoo."},{"title:":"Open and Shut: Hillsboro's Breaking Ink tattoo shop focuses on customer service","description:":"Customer service is a prioritized focus for downtown Hillsboro's new Breaking Ink tattoo shop ... be a priority," owner and tattoo artist Nick Salzman said. Describing the atmosphere as friendly and the store as an urban art setting, Salzman said the ..."}]