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[{"title:":"This Filmmaker Says Sexuality Is Fluid, Even for Gay and Straight Men","description:":"In El Ganzo a black man who identified as gay surprisingly finds love with a white woman. Love is love. It knows no race, gender, age, or any other trappings our world tries to enforce. I have strong beliefs about what it is to have a partner, a lover to ..."},{"title:":"Donald Trump has no love for black people: His “outreach” and “pivot” are really aimed at winning over nervous white voters","description:":"Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is earnestly continuing his flagellation of black America as part of a political outreach campaign. At a Monday political rally in Akron, Ohio, he told an almost entirely white audience how day-to-day life ..."},{"title:":"Movies I love: In Black and White!","description:":"Movies I love: In Black and White! To many the best Surround Equipment is their goal. To me, the components are a means to an end. I love movies. At first movies were just a visual medium, then we got “talkies” and now, a century later both the sound ..."},{"title:":"Horror in Black and White: Spider Baby (1968)","description:":"I love black and white the best. There’s more artistry in shooting black and white than color. Anybody could shoot color.” This artistry is definitely present in Spider Baby. It may have been a low-budget horror film, but the photography looks ..."}]